Digital Mini Album

“冬の海の声の記憶 Original Soundtrack“


  • 01. aquarium
  • 02. seaward
  • 03. fireworks and boy
  • 04. whiteout
  • 05. phenomena

冬の海の声の記憶 オリジナルサウンドトラック
'Fuyu No Umi No Koe No Kioku' Original Soundtrack

Artist : Moskitoo
Title : 'Fuyu No Umi No Koe No Kioku' Original Soundtrack
Release Date : APRIL 10, 2024
Format : Digital
Cat no. : WTS0002
Label : Watasii Studio

Soundtrack for the short film ‘Fuyu No Umi No Koe No Kioku’ directed by Kouhei Takahayama, Music by Moskitoo.
The presence of Memories, words, and water are brought to light through her organic electronic sounds.

The short film ‘Fuyu No Umi No Koe No Kioku’, directed by Kohei Takayama, whose feature film ‘Aini Mukokatte’ was released in theatres nationwide and has won awards and been selected at numerous film festivals.

The album contains five songs, including the ending theme ‘phenomena’ and the song ‘whiteout’ from the scene where Misono’s (Kazane Hara) and Aoba’s (Riku Tanaka) voices overlap to the music in the play.

Layered with Moskitoo’s own dreamy voice and using organic and delicate electronic sounds as a medium, she painstakingly weaves together the memories scattered throughout the film’s story and brings the scenes to life.
Mixed and mastered by Keiichi Sugimoto (FourColour/FilFla/minamo).




Directed by 高山康平/Kohei Takayama
Music by Moskitoo
Voice(tr.4) : 原風音/Kazane Hara、田中理来/Riku Tanaka
Mixed & Mastered by 杉本佳一/Keiichi Sugimoto
Title design : 高山淳平/Junpei Takayama
Artwork : Moskitoo


■監督・脚本 : 高山康平
■撮影 : 菊池祥太
■出演 : 原風音、田中理来、池内明世、雪見みと、及川欽之典、附田瑞姫
■題字デザイン : 高山淳平
■音楽 : Moskitoo