12" Vinyl / ALBUM

“The Text and The Form“

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli

  • 1.lolita
  • 2.text and the form (feat. Moskitoo)
  • 3.#8
  • 4.you are (feat. AGF)
  • 5.flow
  • 6.inverse
  • 7.our bcn nights
  • 8.unconditional
  • 9.h theatre
  • 10.unconditional (reprise)
  • 11.grand hall of encounters

Artist:Federico Madeddu Giuntoli
Title:The Text and The Form
Release Date: DIGITAL: Nov 25th LP: Dec 7th 2022
Cat No.:FLAU96

Federico Madeddu Giuntoli is an italian multidisciplinary artist.
Moskitoo is singing on track 2 of his first album “The Text and The Form”.

イタリア・ピサ出身、バルセロナ在住の美術家・写真家でもあるFederico Madeddu GiuntoliのFLAUレーベルからのファーストアルバム。
2曲目のtext and the form (feat. Moskitoo)にmoskitooが歌唱参加しています。