Streaming Mini Live – Music For The Story II

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Nov 21 ,2021

10月31日(日)から5週連続で開催される、本と川と街 オンライン読書BGMライブ『Music For The Story II』
こちらのイベントの#4 2021年11月21日(日)21:00〜 の回にmoskitooが出演します。



出演:moskitoo、TINÖRKS、tomotsugu nakamura

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“Music For The Story II”, a live streaming event for background music for reading, will be held for five weeks starting on Sunday, October 31.
Moskitoo will appear in #4 of this event on Sunday, November 21, 2021 from 9:00pm JST.
This will be a mini-live recorded at home.
In addition to the free streaming on Youtube(with social tipping by paypal), you can watch the archived streaming for 700 yen each time.
The exhibition will also be held offline as one of the programs of the art project “Books, Rivers, and Cities,” which will be held from October 30 (Sat) to November 28 (Sun).

Each session will an hour and will feature a video of the artists performing live at their homes or other places where they usually live. During the transitions, images of the scenery around Fukagawa and Honjo and the artists’ daily lives will be shown.
This is an event that invites you to take a narrative journey through reading along with the artist’s daily musical life.

Sunday, November 21, 2021, 9:00pm-JST
act:moskitoo、TINÖRKS、tomotsugu nakamura

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ART PROGRAM【オフライン展示】

・会場:The Bee’s Knees 2階(江東区清澄 3-9-18



ART PROGRAM [Offline Exhibition]
As a program of the art project “Books, Rivers, and Towns,” an exhibition will be held in a residence space in a renovated old house.
This is a space where people can freely rest and read books with live images.

Date: November 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 23 (Tue/Holiday), 27 (Sat), 28 (Sun), 2021
Time: 13:00 – 18:00
Venue: The Bee’s Knees, 2nd floor (3-9-18 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Fee: ¥400 (or presentation of the “Book, River, and Town” passport book)


Title Streaming Mini Live – Music For The Story II
Date Nov 21 ,2021
Vanue Streaming on Youtube

Fee: Free for the first youtube streaming of each session (with Social Tipping by PayPal)
The archive of each session will be on sale for ¥700 until December 15.
A set of 5 sessions will be sold for ¥3,000 with a ¥500 discount.
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#1  (2021年10月31日(日)21:00〜)

act:birds humming the beat、yutaka hirasaka、zmi


#2 (2021年11月7日(日)21:00〜)

act:daisuke miyatani、no.9、まるやまたつや


#3 (2021年11月14日(日)21:00〜)

act:gen asai、[.que]、UYUNI


#4 (2021年11月21日(日)21:00〜)

act:moskitoo、TINÖRKS、tomotsugu nakamura


#5 (2021年11月28日(日)21:00〜)

act:morimoto naoki、paniyolo、Suguru Oba


オンライン読書BGMライブ『Music For The Story II』