• 01.Wonder Particle
  • 02.Trajectory
  • 03.Mint Mitosis
  • 04.Micro porta
  • 05.Fluctuations
  • 06.Vulpecula
  • 07.Who lives in the skin burn?
  • 08.Taxonomy
  • 09.Night Hike
  • 10.Fungi
  • 11.Fragments of journey
  • 12.Astra



  • 01.Hiatus (Bonus Track *Japanese Edition Only )
  • 02.Hokori no Horse (Bonus Track *Japanese Edition Only )
  • 03.Lethe (Bonus Track *Japanese Edition Only )

CAT# : 12k1077 / AMIP-0039
RELEASE DATE : Sep 3rd 2013
Label : 12k
Distribute : Inpartmaint / p*dis

2007 saw the album debut of Moskitoo with 12k’s Drape (12k1041). Since then, Moskitoo (Tokyo’s Sanae Yamasaki) has been busy performing live, recording and releasing new work (including sound/voice for Japanese media/television and iOS apps) and expanding her talents as a visual artist in Japan. After six years of growth as an artist she presents her sophomore album, Mitosis.

Mitosis begins with “Wonder Particle,” a track that very much sums up Moskitoo’s intentions: to embrace the digital with not only a human, but a distinctly feminine touch. Wispy, layered vocals swim around rhythmic fragments and warm insect-like noises. The music is strange and otherwordly, perhaps the soundtrack to an evening stroll on a warm night in a bustling alien city. There are lights, swarms of sound, a myriad of conversations blended by a thousand different stories of passers-by always on the move.

The inspirations behind this second album are not far away from these ideas. Moskitoo herself was thinking of journeys, even ones on the cellular level. Mitosis, or the division of a cell into two identical sets of chromosomes, was a point of departure for Moskitoo as she explored the ideas of division, expansion, the human body, and small particles of matter. One can draw a correlation between these ideas and her music as it nervously wiggles it way through sounds both liquid and electronic.

Mitosis is a dreamy, playful and serious album that shows Moskitoo’s talents as a sound explorer and songwriter. It is at once both catchy and curious, a question that doesn’t always need an answer.



Mitosis 特設サイト

All tracks created and artwork by Moskitoo
Except track 07 Lyrics by Takuya Koiso(Regu Regu),
Original song by Ash Ra School,included in Si Sol e.p.(See Recordings)
Mixed by Keiichi Sugimoto
Masterd by Taylor Deupree

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Live Tour:
Moskitoo Mitosis Tour 2014
2014/1/25 Tokyo 北とぴあプラネタリウムホール(東京)*終了しました
3/29 Kyoto night cruising meets つくるびる/つくるびる1F(京都)
4/10 Fukuoka オルタナティブスペースHACO(福岡・田川)
4/11 Fukuoka ギャラリーモリタ(福岡)
4/12 Ooita 永久別府劇場(大分・別府)
4/13 Hiroshima ヲルガン座(広島)
4/15 Kobe space eauuu(神戸)