CD Album



  • 04. I am feat. Moskitoo *Singing
  • 06. Frozen Maze feat. Moskitoo *Singing
  • 08. Velvet Voyager feat. Moskitoo *Singing

Release: Nov. 11. 2020
Artist: Vegpher(ベグファー)
Title: Minutus(ミヌータス)
Cat No.: PFCD101

The long-awaited 3rd album “Minutus” of the experimental beat music project Vegpher by Keiichi Sugimoto, a sound artist / composer who also works as FilFla, FourColor and minamo, will be released on November 11th.

Moskitoo sings, writes and composes on M4 “I am” and M6 “Frozen Maze”, and provides voice on M8 “Velvet Voyager”.



※MoskitooがM4「I am」、 M6「Frozen Maze」にて歌唱、作詞・作曲、
M8 「Velvet Voyager」にてボイス参加。

All Tracks Produced & Composed by Keiichi Sugimoto

M1: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by Piana
M2: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by HACO
M4, M6: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by Moskitoo
M7: Voice Materials by Jessica
M8: Voice Materials by Moskitoo

Mastered by KASHIWA Daisuke at Studio FLAT

Photography by Komura Mai
Design by Takaramahaya