Moskitoo is a sound designer and vocalist based in Tokyo.
In 2007, Moskitoo released her debut album “Drape” on New York’s 12k.
Moskitoo creates her own sound scape using various objects and musical instruments like guitars, xylophones, and toys, to produce a style where electronic sounds and the harmonic layer of her unique voice meet.
Moskitoo toured Japan as well as the world, playing a lot of shows including France, Belgium, Switzerland, New York, Boston, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Korea.
In addition to her solo activities, she has participated in albums and live performances as a vocalist for FilFla. She has collaborated with many artists, such as Minamo and Sontag Shogun, has sung and narrated for commercials, and has also been active in artwork design.


2020年にMinamo & Moskitoo、2017年にSontag Shogun & Moskitooとしてヴァイナル作品を発表。

最新作は高山康平監督短編映画『冬の海の声の記憶』の劇伴音楽をまとめた『冬の海の声の記憶 Original Soundtrack』(2024年)、minamoとの12インチLP、minamo & moskitoo『superstition』(2020年)。

Moskitoo Works

  • Moskitoo “Drape” (CD ALBUM/12k/2007)
  • Moskitoo “Mitosis” (CD ALBUM/12k/p*dis/2012)
  • REMIX “Moskitoo Remixes” (CD Single/12k/2007)
  • Moskitoo & Sanae Nishio “Si Sol E.P” (7inch EP/see recordings/2009)
  • Moskitoo & stabilo SPLIT EP “Pare Your Words” (Digital/FreeDL/2016)
  • Sontag Shogun & Moskitoo “The Things We Let Fall Apart / Thunderswan” (7inch/Home Normal/2017)
  • Minamo & Moskitoo “Superstitiom” (12inch/12k/2020)

Selected Collaboration Works

  • FilFla “Frolicfon” “Sound Fiction” (HEADZ/JP)
  • FilFla “FlipTap” (someone good/p*dis)
  • FilFla “Micro Carnival” (HEADZ/JP)
  • Gurun Gurun “Gurun Gurun”(HOME NORMAL)
  • Simon Scott “Navigare”(Miasmah Recordings)
  • FourColor “As Pleat”(12K)
  • Vegpher “Minutus”(progressive form)

Selected Commercial Works (Singing)

  • TOKYO FM News / Traffic Reoport
  • NHK World – “Artisan x Designer”
  • Y!mobile
  • ライオン 「hadakara(ハダカラ)」
  • ニベア花王 「8×4」
  • 象印マホービン CI
  • 日本電産 CI
  • アース製薬 CI
  • カネボウ 「エビータ」 ブランド サウンドロゴ
  • 江崎グリコ HOBAL
  • ソニー銀行

Selected Tours/Shows

  • 2007 Japan Tour (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima)
  • 2008 European Tour (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Lyon, Geneva, Zurich, Colmar, Marseille, Ruben, Glasgow, Dordrecht)
  • 2008 North America Tour (Boston, New York, Winnipeg, Canada)
  • 2011 Australian Tour (Perth,Canberra,Sydney,Brisbane,and Cairns/Tour Organized by Room40)
  • 2014 Mitosis Release Japan Tour (Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tagawa, Oita, Hiroshima, Kobe)
  • 2015 Show in Korea (Festival Morph/Hongdae, Seoul)
  • 2016 Show in Copenhagen,Denmark (Cherry Music 2016)

Original Music

  • iPad/iPhone 「音楽絵本 銀河鉄道の夜」楽曲制作
    (宮沢賢治作、西念武志/L’AIR DE SAINEN製作・開発、2011年)
  • 短編アニメーション作品 「the outline of everything : the second sense of touch」 楽曲製作
  • 林勇気 映像作品展示「Planetarium」 楽曲制作



  • Moskitoo “Drape” release(12k/US)
  • Moskitoo “Remixes”release(12k/US)
  • 12k artists Japan Tour


  • FilFla “Frolicfon” release(HEADZ/JP)
  • Remix for Miou Miou “Electronique”(Rally/JP)
  • Participation in V.A “the silence was warm vol.2”
  • European Tour


  • Moskitoo & Sanae Nishio “Si Sol e.p.” release(See Recordings/JP)
  • Participation in “FABRIQUE” (ROOM 40) -#3 Fourcolor
  • Participation in “NAVIGARE” Simon Scott (Miasmah Recordings) – #10 sound and voice
  • Participation in “88 Tapes” (kesh recordings)


  • Participation in Gurun Gurun “Gurun Gurun”(Home Normal)
  • Participation in FilFla “Sound Fiction” Release
  • Remix for “DAYS OF BEING OF WILD AND KIND” (Nothigs 66/JP) – Moskitoo remix on #14


  • Participation in Live V.A “Tasogare:Live in Tokyo”(12k/NYC)
  • Participation in FourColor “As Pleat” (HEADZ/JP)
  • Remix for flag.flog “Secrets of the lake” (murmur records/Nature Bliss)
  • Music production and composition for “Night on The Galactic Railroad・Music picture book” (for iPhone/iPad Music picture book/Ongaku Ehon)
    story by Kenji Miyazawa, designed by Takeshi Sainen.
  • Australian Tour (Perth,Canberra,Sydney,Brisbane,and Cairns/Tour Organized by Room40)


  • FilFla “Flip Tap” (Someone Good/AU)
  • Vegpher “Play” (Flyrec.)
  • Music for Short Film “THE OUTLINE OF EVERYTHING : THE SECOND SENSE OF TOUCH” Directed by Yuki Hayashi


  • Moskitoo “Mitosis” Release
  • Vegpher “Plus”
  • Pawn “Portrait Re:Sketch”
  • Moskitoo Mitosis Release Concert in Planetalium × Alioth
  • LULL, 2013 – Sound installation curated by Taylor Deupree


  • Moskitoo “Mitosis” Release (12k/US)
  • Keiichi Sugimoto “Play Music” *Singing for A-track 10, B-track 25
  • Music Video “FRAGMENTS OF JOURNEY”(dir:Yuki Hayashi) screened at Image Forum Festival2014/programF
  • Mitosis Release Japan Tour (Tokyo,Kyoto,Fukuoka,Oita,Hiroshima,Kobe)


  • Music Video “FRAGMENTS OF JOURNEY”(dir:Yuki Hayashi) screened at Film Festival in Germany Frankfurt “NIPPON CONNECTION”
  • Radio program “TOKYO FM News” *Singing
  • Radio program “TOKYO FM Traffic report” *Singing
  • Show in Korea (Festival Morph/Hongdae, Seoul)


  • Show in Copenhagen,Denmark
  • FourColor “Ballet”(12k/Duenn) *Reading in tracks 3
  • Music Video “FRAGMENTS OF JOURNEY”(dir:Yuki Hayashi) screened at Kino”CinéMayence” in Germany Mainz.
  • ライオン 『hadakara(ハダカラ)』CM Sound Logo *Singing
  • 花王『バブ』CM 「中村アン実感」篇 「いとうあさこ実感」篇 本編音楽、サウンドロゴ *Singing
  • カネボウ化粧品 『EVITA』CM Sound Logo*Singing


  • Sontag Shogun & Moskitoo “The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan” Release (Homenomal)
  • stabilo and Moskitoo “Pare Your Words”  (split EP/Digital)
  • アース製薬 CI *Singing
  • キユーピー サラダクラブ, ワコール SUHADA, TVCM *Singing
  • ニベア花王 『8×4』 2017SS CM SoungLogo *Singing


  • Remix for Haco “Suiqoo” (Digital Album)
  • 日本電産 Sound Logo *Singing
  • cleadew, Y!mobile, Wacoal SUHADA ONE, 江崎グリコ ホーバル, AJINOMOTO 味の素KK 勝ち飯® TVCM *Singing
  • ニベア花王「エイトフォー」Sound Logo *Singing
  • 象印マホービン Zojirushi CI *Narration


  • FilFla “Micro Carnival”  (HEADZ/JP)
    *tracks 2,13,16,21 : Vocal and voice material
    *tracks 3,11,12,20 : Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal
  • カネボウ コフレドール, 花王 ビオレ, 三井ショッピングパークポイント, LOWRYS FARM, FUND DRESS, cleadew, メディキュット, Wacoal SUHADA ONE,ニッピコラーゲン化粧品 TVCM/WEBCM *Singing
  • 東京美容外科,LITALICO CI *Singing
  • Support Surface SS 2020 Collection *Guiter,Chorus with Sawako,Shin ARAKI(表慶館)
  • cleadew Sound Logo *Singing


  • Minano & Moskitoo “Superstition” Release (12k/US)
  • Vegpher “Minutus”(PROGRESSIVE FOrM/JP) *M4, M6: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal, M8: Voice Materials
  • 積水ハウス, TVCM/WEBCM *Singing
  • トヨタモビリティ東京 CI *Singing
  • Tokyo FM Program『TOKYO FM NEWS』『ドライバーズ・インフォ』Sound Logo *Singing
  • Tokyo FM Program「エールを届けるラジオ便」Sound Logo *Narration
  • Square Japan Sound Logo *Singing


  • Moskitoo “Nunc” Release (Digital Single)
  • Sayaka Tanimoto “Mizuiro”(WAKUSEI/JP) *Tr14 Remix
  • MAQuillAGE, ヨコハマタイヤ, ONE BY KOSE, 積水ハウス TVCM *Singing


  • Sontag Shogun & Lau Nau “Valo Siroutuu”(Ricco Label) *Tr14 Singing
  • Federico Madeddu Giuntoli “The Text and The Form”(FLAU) *Tr11 Singing
  • Rakuten Brand Day, PERSOL, Jasmy, Dell XPS, ミツカン, BOTANIST ROOTH, ヨコハマタイヤ, LAVA, Diane, などTVCM *Singing
  • アキュビュー® ディファイン®Sound Logo *Singing