FourColor – As Pleat

FourColor – As Pleat


ALBUM / May 03 2011

Fourcolor is the solo project of Keiichi Sugimoto (Minamo, Filfla) and should be well known to the 12k audience with his two previous releases, Air Curtain (2004) and Letter of Sounds (2006) both highly regarded and now out of print, which established him as one of the label’s leading roster figures.
moskitoo took part as vocalist for this album. 
More detail is here…

日本のエレクトロニカ〜実験音響シーンを代表する実力派アーティスト杉本佳一のソロプロジェクト、FourColor の5年ぶりの新作。
FourColor AsPleat Special Site
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